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Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations 2022 Systems Administration Miniconf

We are pleased to announce our second Miniconf in the Clouds. The 2022 Systems Administration Miniconf!

* All miniconf speakers are guaranteed a free ticket
* All talks will be 30 minutes long
* If you know our Miniconf, and know online presenting, you can propose your Linux-related operations talk via the LCA2022 Dashboard before 2021-09-12:

We'd particularly love your War Stories about responding to the global pandemic and general work for home, or how you avoided earning war stories.


The Systems Administration Miniconf returns for the 16th time as part of the very online 2022, to be held without a venue (Venueless!), online on Saturday 2022-01-14.

The Systems Administration Miniconf focuses on tips, tricks, tools, and best practices used to manage real-world Linux environments both large and small. From single small servers through to 2,000 node Kubernetes Clusters.

The organisers of the Systems Administration Miniconf would like to invite proposals for presentations to be delivered at the Miniconf. Please forward this CFP to your colleagues, peers, social networks, and other relevant mailing lists. Please help by encouraging submissions from people you would like to hear present at this Miniconf.

We are open to presentations from speakers anywhere in the world, but please be mindful of the need to present during daytime in UTC+11 which may not be daytime in your local timezone (presenting late at night or very early in your morning is tricky!).

More information and details of previous presentations at the Miniconf can be found at the website:

Presentation Topics

We would be particularly interested in talks about how the last 2 years has gone for your systems, how you dealt with the rapid changes in operating environment, and how the new normal differs from just two years ago.

We of course also welcome the usual range of talks on systems technology, automation, monitoring, troubleshooting, best current practices and so on.

Presentations should be of a technical nature and speakers should assume that members of the audience have at least a couple of years experience in professional Linux administration (many in the audience will have decades of experience).

Format of Presentations

Due to the online only format, and its increased demands on the AV team, we have to fit into a more fixed structure within the LCA2022 Miniconf day. So we have less flexibility in our choice of presentations, that usual.

We have openings for 30 minute short presentations (with a 10 minute "speaker change over" minute gap in between each pair of presentations). This year all talks will be 30 minutes, with 2 presentations in the "morning", and 3 presentations in each of the sessions before and after "afternoon tea".

LCA2022 have indicated they have a strong preference for presentations to be given live, which will be easier if your local time zone is close to UTC+11 and you have an Internet connection with good upload speeds.

For accepted Miniconf speakers the LCA2022 AV Team will want to check in with you in December 2021, and *early* January 2022 to help ensure your presentation audio and visuals come across as well as possible. You may wish to watch the AV Team advice from PyConline AU 2020 to get some advanced hints on small changes you could make to help your presentation look and sound great:

Submitting talks

Please note that in order to give a presentation or attend the Miniconf you must be registered (and paid up by the time the conference happens) for the main conference. Either for the full conference (Fri/Sat/Sun), or at least for the Miniconf day (Saturday 2022-01-14).

As a one off "online only, LCA2022 only" special we have access to a small pool of "Miniconf Speaker" tickets, so if your employer will not pay for your ticket and the conference cost makes it difficult for you to attend/present please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

To submit a talk to the LCA2022 Sysadmin Miniconf, create an account on the LCA2022 website:

create a speaker profile, and then select "Systems Administration Miniconf Talk" (in the "New Proposal" section of the Dashboard), or while logged into the LCA2022 site, go directly to:

Questions should be sent to:

lca2022 at

Dates and Deadlines

To encourage early submissions, priority (both of inclusion and scheduling) will be given to presentations submitted by 23:59 (AoE -- ie any time zone) on Wednesday 25 August 2021. If you have a good presentation idea, please let us know early, even if you need time to finalise the presentation abstract (minor tweaks to the presentation abstract after the talk is accepted are fine!).

Contact and Questions

Please see our website at for more information on the miniconf, past presentations and presenting at it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the organisers at:

lca2022 at

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