Title: Oh for a shorter tea break, or A quest for a faster link time...


Who am I?

Who was Ratbag?

In the begining;

the first problem, ramdisk

build server

Ramdisks over 16mb trash running apps on write!?!?!

the wonders of tmpfs

why are we doing this?

background in ps2 game development environment

whats the most common scenario?

Started to look at where the bottlenecks were

Change/risk averse

Scale up hardware to see if 64bit machines and ramdisks are any faster

Performance of P4 very similar to amd64

Tested copying all source into tempfs, but not faster than the 'cached' build

CTO discovers dist-cc, scons and others ...

Ratbag Studio is shutdown, new build system not deployed!

Lessons learned;